Our personal mission is to enable you to get virtually any electronic device from a simple LED driver to a GPS controller integrated to your own system without changing your basic idea. We offer you simple solutions for almost any type of devices. Our goal is to extend your system's capabilities and expand your business with new items that you never imagined before.



product20WIZFI Serial to WIFI
Brings Wi-Fi connectivity to any device with a microcontroller and serial HOST interface (UART)
Minimal Serial to Wi-Fi “driver” footprint on host microcontroller and minor changes to existing host MCU firmware
Offloading of smaller host microcontrollers from the Wi-Fi and TCP/ IP networking
Simple AT commands for configuration and data communication
DHCP/Static IP, TCP/UDP, Server/Client, DNS
Reduces development time, testing and certification burden, accelerating time to market
Easy device provisioning through our utility or Wi-Fi Protected Set-up (WPS)
Ultra low power consumption through dynamic power management
Operates with standard 802.11 b/g/n access points at speed up to 11 Mbps (802.11b)
802.11i Security (WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK, Enterprise)
Rich I/O interfaces (SPI, UART, GPIO, I2C, ADC, JTAG)
Low power modes, Alarm Input for wake-up
High-throughput hardware AES and RC4 encryption/decryption engines
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